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Business and Impact are essential in personal and professional growth, and everyone will have an opinion about it.

Crystal Carnahan
by Crystal Carnahan ·

Let me be clear.

My business is much bigger than the coaching and retreats I sell.

It is meant to change the world, one, two, or ten people at a time…

…THROUGH the coaching and retreats I


Because that ripple effect is what will be widespread.

And while you may not believe that, or see it that way…

…that is exactly what my intentionally designed plan is for my business.

I used to do things by default, wanting to be in front of as many people as possible…

… that was the way I could make an impact.

But that customer journey is filled by the law of averages…

…and I'm not average, and neither are you.

So, while I appreciate all suggestions and advice given, please know that I'm thinking AND acting on a grander scale.

My coaching and retreats are for a specific person, in a specific place in their life and business.

My clients have great success with me and my A.R.I.S.E. method, which isn't always broadcast on every media outlet.

Their success ripples to the ones closest to them, and it continues like a wave coming to shore…

…a separate entity yet always part of the bigger ocean.

So with that, I cordially invite you, the founder, the visionary, the beautiful soul who is ready to create ripples and make waves by learning how to leverage your well-being as a catalyst for your business success.

Here is your sign.