Back to basics

Let’s go back to basics…the fundamentals, the why we do what we do and the how we do what we do…no fluff, no stuff, no marshmallow and chocolate middle between graham cracker crust…

The foundation of any routine or habit, any decision or choice that we make regarding any aspect of our lives is the most important thing to create and build before trying to reach any goal that we set for ourselves. If we want to be nicer, we have to learn what being nice means. Does it mean doing everything for someone, does it mean offering to help where needed, does it mean not slamming the door in someone’s face or yelling obscenities at each other?

Similarly, we have to understand why we want something or why we need or desire certain items. If we want one million dollars, why is that necessary? What does that do for us? How does it help us, in this moment and in the future?

As soon as we go back to the reasons WHY we are focusing on this one thing or WHY we want to get where we want to go, the rest will fall into line and be less challenging. If we forget our why or it gets lost, we will wander until we find it again…

We have the most amazing technology right at our fingertips and mostly we get lost in the surface dimensions of social media…how do we dig a bit deeper into ourselves, look at how we can use what we have to reach those who need our help and truly help solve the problems for which they are seeking solutions?

We go back to the beginning, the reason we started in the first place, the feeling deep in our soul that we know our purpose and what we are put on this earth to do. How do you go back and reflect?