Mindful Performance

Have you ever been running, exercising, pushing a pen, sitting at a desk, reading, walking down the street, making dinner, sitting in a drive-thru, waiting, watching, breathing, being? Most of you have done one or more of these at one point in your lives, and yet when you think back to them, you notice that you were on auto-pilot. You automatically “do” them without thinking or even realizing the processes involved with some of them. How does this effect you?

When we complete tasks aimlessly, we don’t get to appreciate the fullness of finishing. Even driving to and from work, when you are not paying attention, you might miss a rainbow or a red light. Today, I will explain more about what Mindful Performance means and how it can benefit you in your fitness and business goals, as well as your daily activities.

Mindfulness or being mindful is being present in the moment, accepting the moment for what it is, not judging or trying to change the moment and knowing that things will change from moment to moment. No two moments are ever the same and they will not mean the same thing to the people who are sharing in the same moment. Performance is the ability to complete a task or carry out a function. To execute an action step that is created by thoughts, intentions, and goal setting.

Combine the two and you have an action that is completed in the present, while being fully aware and acknowledging the feelings that might come with the action, yet not allowing them to disrupt the connection between mind and body. Truly taking each step with purpose and intention to allow forward movement towards a common objective, such as in fitness, business, or daily life.

What goals do you have for each of these dimensions? Do you want to tone your legs? Build cardio endurance? Build muscle? What about gaining more clients or selling more of your product? How about learning more about your money and where it goes? How would feeling more peaceful inspire your daily activities? How would giving someone a wave, even if you don’t know them, brighten their day and yours?

We perform tasks and complete them better and faster when we actually do them ONE AT A TIME. This doesn’t mean not to set more than one goal, it means that as you are pursuing them, concentrate on the one that is most important in that moment. Remember, moments change. It sounds simple, yet can be complex. Mindful Performance facilitates emotional release that allows you to focus better mentally on creating a physical foundation of power, confidence and longevity. This keeps you in the game longer, winning on the field better, and stepping into your strengths and potential even more.

Imagine a picture that is made up of a thousand points on a canvas, the closer you are to it, the less you see…when you step back, the masterpiece is revealed.

What masterpiece are you creating?