Change: What does it MEAN?

Change. To some it is a dirty word. To others, a mystery. What does change mean to you? Change by definition is “to make different, substitute, or replace”. What are you willing to change in order to reach new heights? What changes are “easy” or more “challenging”?

Your life can change because I make you see a different perspective…it isn’t about all the surface issues throwing a wrench in what you “see” and hook onto with your focus…it is about all the deeper things underneath that bubble up when triggered, that you shove deep down inside so you can “move on”, the things you don’t want people to see or think bad about you because you lack in some form or another…even though you don’t know anyone else’s story…

How long are you willing to hold onto whatever it is that is not allowing you to lose weight, open a business, cry because you're happy, call your family member whom you haven’t talked to in decades, help someone by telling your story, jump out of a plane, explore the world, eat bugs in a different country, sit by a pool and feel the breeze, do yoga because you’re not “flexible”?

How long?

It is never too late to let go.

How Obstacles are the Key to Building Resilience

You call them roadblocks, barriers, hurdles, deterrents, or impediments…whatever the word you use all of them imply that there is something that hinders progress. Something that holds you back, something that doesn’t allow movement. Depending on where you are going, the objective is to find another way of achieving your goal, getting to your destination, breaking through the challenges and difficulties that come forth.

When you truly look at the circumstances that surround yourself, there is a certain reality that can be created. Circumstances don’t dictate the what, where, when and how of your life. Circumstances are simply what you “see” in front of you, the state surrounding a situation in which you find yourself currently.

It is how you respond to your circumstances. What you do with your circumstances that gives you an edge in creating your life. When you create an intention that you can breathe life into, that you can feel inside your core, that you cultivate to the point of a step by step process that reaches your goal, then the circumstances will not matter. You are each taught a certain set of beliefs from your family, friends, teachers, society…and from those beliefs, you start to form your own values and opinions. Yet what happens when your values disconnect from the belief system that you were taught? How do you reconcile what you grew up with and what you actually LIVE?

Anytime you are faced with a decision, it can be considered an obstacle. From the time you wake up and decide what to eat for breakfast, that can change the whole trajectory of your day. It is allowing the decision to be made, accepting the decision for what it is, and owning the decision. Right, wrong or indifferent, the choice you make creates the actions you take and the flow of the day. What flow are you creating?

Photo by Michael Heuser on Unsplash