International Coach and Luxury Retreat Host

Crystal Carnahan

Crystal is an international coach and luxury retreat host, specializing in regenerative travel and emotional well-being workshops and trainings for corporations. With a passion for creating transformative experiences, Crystal empowers individuals and organizations to prioritize self-care, emotional resilience, and holistic wellness.

Crystal's journey towards her current path began in the restaurant business, where she honed her skills in customer service and hospitality. However, a personal tragedy - the loss of her mother - led her down a path of self-destruction, using alcohol as a coping mechanism. Recognizing the detrimental impact it had on her well-being, Crystal made the courageous decision to pivot her life towards health and wellness.

Through her own healing journey, Crystal discovered the power of emotional well-being and its profound impact on overall health and happiness. Inspired by her own transformation, she dedicated herself to learning and mastering various modalities such as mindfulness, meditation, and regenerative practices.

As an international coach, Crystal combines her extensive knowledge and personal experiences to guide individuals and corporations towards a more regenerative and harmonious lifestyle. 

Her retreats are carefully curated to provide a sanctuary for rejuvenation, self-reflection, and personal growth. With a focus on emotional well-being, participants learn practical tools and techniques to navigate stress, enhance resilience, and foster a deep connection with themselves and the world around them.

Crystal's unique approach to regenerative travel and emotional well-being workshops have helped others create meaningful change and have made her a sought-after coach and retreat host in the industry.

When she's not empowering others, Crystal can be found exploring nature, immersing herself in different cultures, and continuously expanding her knowledge in the field of holistic wellness. With her compassionate guidance and transformative programs, Crystal is dedicated to helping individuals and corporations unlock their full potential, embrace emotional well-being, and cultivate a life of purpose, joy, and abundance.