You can't think your way out of fear

The more you intellectualize fear, the more it has a hold on you.

Crystal Carnahan
by Crystal Carnahan ·

You can't “THINK” your way out of fear.

And you certainly cannot over-intellectualize


Fear is protection…

…and can be useful in certain situations…

…but often is truly holding you back from greatness.

Because when the mind tries to strategize a

way out…

…it becomes lost and disconnected…

…from the very thing that can help it make


The body.

And when the body and mind are


…your business is as well.

Here are 3 ways to reconnect the mind and body:

💫 Ask yourself what emotions you FEEL.

When you encounter a problem, don’t look for a solution right away, look for the way you feel about it.

💫 Touch your heart, by pressing one hand to your chest.

Begin by noticing your heartbeat and then notice the rhythm and cadence of it. What is it telling you?

💫 Listen for things you cannot hear.

Begin in silence and notice what sounds you hear. If you are inside, does the air conditioner hum or the refrigerator grunt? What can you hear outside of the house? Traffic, birds, sirens, the grass growing?


You are smart.

You are unique.

You are not made to be obscure.

You are not made to fear your greatness.